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Kitchen Refacing London Ontario

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What is kitchen refacing?

Kitchen Saver brings chic savings to your kitchen renovation with Kitchen Refacing. Also known as Cabinet Refacing or Cabinet Resurfacing, it is the most economical way to beautifully refresh your kitchen at a minimal cost.

Kitchen Refacing is completely worth doing, especially using the design eye of our decorators with many years of experience pulling together different eras of kitchen styles.

Refacing means that a polyester, heat-based laminate material is applied to your existing kitchen (or bathroom) cupboards, cabinets, sides, frame faces, and cabinet mouldings. The cost of refacing or resurfacing cabinets will always be slightly more expensive than refinishing your cabinets; laminate products are uniquely manufactured.

You can achieve a new kitchen look with our almost endless refacing product styles. The benefits of laminate refacing, or laminated cabinetry are as multi-layered as the number of surface options available. See our resurfacing products page for your renovation inspiration.

Are you hoping for a Modern look with a matte whitewashed faux wood laminate, or an Urban Country feel with a faux oak laminate product? Knowing you won’t be allocating much money toward a refreshed kitchen, this may be the time to try a bright colour for your cabinets. Whatever style you choose, you’ve made a smart choice refacing your kitchen.

Kitchen Refacing vs. Remodeling

Traditional kitchen remodeling tears up your entire kitchen for weeks and costs tens of thousands of dollars. With kitchen refacing by Kitchen Saver, you can save money and time while gaining peace of mind that your kitchen will be beautiful for years to come.

Kitchen Refacing Kitchen Remodeling
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Refacing as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Remove

Remove all existing doors, handles, hinges, and mouldings.

2. Reface

Cover all exposed surfaces with maintenance free laminate or wood.

3. Reinstall

Reinstall new custom doors, drawer fronts, hardware, hinges and mouldings.